Pacific Equipment

Maui Car and tow Truck Towing Service

If you find yourself in need of an emergency tow, give us a call! We at Pacific Equipment can help you tow your car, SUV, truck, or van regardless of your vehicle size and age. We can tow anything as long as it has wheels!

We are a local company and employ members of the Maui community. We strive always to provide the best service and never leave a customer dissatisfied.

Professionalism, Reliability, and Resourcefulness

We only hire professional drivers, technicians, and managers, so you can be sure that Pacific Equipment is always going to deliver excellent services. We value our customers, so we do our best to individually approach every single one of them and work out optimal solutions for every problem.

Skilled Car Towing Experts

Towing a car may seem easy, but we assure you it is not. Our professional tow drivers know that there’s a lot more to towing a car than just getting it to a specified location. Our crew members all possess sufficient knowledge and practical experience to safely tow vehicles regardless of their size.

No Extra Stress for Our Clients

Being stuck in a car that’s no longer starting is stressful, especially if you’re far away from home. We at Pacific Equipment understand that, so we always make sure that a professional team of drivers is ready to rush to any location on Maui and help you safely tow your car. All you have to do is give us a call and wait for us in a safe area.

Affordable Doesn’t Have to Be Cheap

Don’t think that we are going to provide a poor quality service if our prices are affordable. We do our best to keep the costs as low as possible, but we never go as far as to compromise the quality of our services. Our company mission is always to deliver the most value to our clients, so you can always let Pacific Equipment take care of all your vehicle towing needs for you.

Call us and have your car or truck towed by professionals!

Quality Towing Service for Your Car, Truck, and SUV

When your vehicle just refuses to start and go any further, you need a professional towing service to save the day and tow your car to a place where it can be repaired. We at Pacific Equipment have a lot of experience towing all kinds of vehicles, and we are always ready to help you out when you’re stuck with an immobile car.

We want professional car towing services to be accessible to anyone, so we strive to keep our service rates as low as possible. A business that charges the most for its services doesn’t necessarily offer the most value for the money, so we focus on delivering the best service quality to our clients instead of just mindlessly charging for every step.

Best Car Towing Services on Maui

We are committed to continuously optimizing our services, so it comes as no surprise that Pacific Equipment consistently receives great online reviews. Our technicians are all experienced professionals who never hesitate to go the extra mile and do their best when towing your vehicle. We maintain a policy of maximum transparency and honesty, so we direct all our efforts toward acting exactly as promised with our clients.

We strive to resolve your car problems as quickly as possible, so our professional tow drivers and technicians are always ready to find you on Maui and help get you and your car to safety. If you’re looking for a car towing business with a strong honesty and integrity policy, you’re not going to be disappointed in Pacific Equipment.

We Are a Reputable and Service-Oriented Business

If your car won’t ignite, has a flat tire, or you happened to be locked out of your vehicle, you need a car towing service that’s as fast and reliable as possible. We at Pacific Equipment always get your job done right from the very first time. Our high-quality services are popular with Maui residents because they know that with us they can count on getting the most out of their money.

We value knowledge and expertise, which is why our technicians and mechanics attend industry seminars and workshops on a regular basis to maintain their high skill level. They are also aware that having to get your car towed is a stressful experience for you, so they do their best to make the towing process stress-free for everyone involved and help you solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

If you choose us to tow your car or truck, we won’t leave you stranded on a highway waiting for help. We strive to deliver services that satisfy our customers and persuade them to recommend us to their friends and relatives. If you want the towing of your vehicle to go as smooth as possible, Pacific Equipment of Maui is your best option.

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