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Maui Boom Truck lifting service

Reliable Lifting of HVAC Units

We are Your Best Option if You Need to Rent a Boom Truck Crane on Maui

We can get your HVAC units of any sizes and shapes lifted from side and back yards, as well as rooftops. Our boom truck cranes can even lift an HVAC unit over a house if you need that.

Pacific Equipment is a company that has many years of experience lifting HVAC units safely and professionally. You can count on us to provide boom truck crane rental services in Maui whenever you need to get an HVAC unit installed or removed.

We can assist you in lifting both relatively lightweight and heavy air conditioning units. Our specialists will find out which crane size is going to work best for your lifting needs and send a suitable machine to your location. Regardless of where you are and what HVAC unit you need lifted, we are sure that we can provide a high-quality service that will help you get the job done.

Our expertise lifting HVAC units allows us to help people who need their air conditioning or ventilation units moved from rooftops, yards, and virtually any other surface. We do not offer the actual HVAC installation or removal services, but we will provide all the necessary lifting assistance to professional HVAC contractors working in your location. If you need to get rid of your old HVAC unit, we can take care of that for free and haul your air conditioner to a certified recycler near you.

Building Materials

Lifting Building Materials with Hydraulic Cranes

​Whether you need to lift solar panels, cinder blocks, or roofing materials, we are ready to provide our modern, well-built cranes to help move your construction project ahead. We can assist you in lifting all kinds of heavy building materials to rooftops and high floors, as well as removing heavy objects from any location.

If the construction materials need to be removed after being lifted, you can choose to leave that to us. Our trucks and trailers can haul most kinds of building materials away from your location. Depending on your preference, we can take them to a different location or dispose of them. If you need a crane at the second location, we are happy to provide that as well.

Construction Sites

Rent Our Hydraulic Boom Truck Cranes for a Construction Site

There are normally lots of building materials on construction sites, and lifting some of them may require a boom truck crane. Pacific Equipment is ready to provide professional yet affordable crane rental services and help you lift all kinds of construction materials, including beams, columns, and trusses.

We can also assist you with lifting freshly delivered construction materials off trucks and trailers, as well as stack them in a location specified by you. In case you need construction materials delivered to your site, we are ready to provide our own heavy-duty vehicles. They can also take your building materials to anywhere on Maui, including scrapyards.

Our qualified technicians will assess your construction site and lifting needs to determine the correct crane size. A suitable crane will be sent to your location as soon as possible to make sure that the job is done on time. We are not going to delay or interrupt other processes on your construction site, so you don’t need to worry about wasting time or resources.

Pacific Equipment is your best choice for any construction materials lifting needs on Maui. Don’t hesitate to call us to find out more about our services and prices.

Heavy Machinery

Best Value for Heavy Machinery Lifts on Maui

We have experience lifting manufacturing appliances, medical equipment, printing presses, and many other kinds of heavy machinery. Our crane rental services are going to facilitate the process of removing, transporting, and installing heavy machinery. Since we also offer heavy-duty truck and trailer rentals, we can take care of the whole process so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Lifting heavy machinery and equipment is one of our specialties, and we make sure to always do the job properly.

If your heavy equipment needs to be transported to another location, we can take care of that as well. Our trucks and trailers can move your heavy machinery items to any location on Maui. Crane lifting services can be provided at both the current and desired locations of your equipment, helping you efficiently remove the heavy machinery and install it at the new location. Alternatively, we can transport your heavy machinery items to a scrapyard.

Shipping Containers

We Can Lift and Stack Your Shipping Containers Anywhere on Maui

Pacific Equipment has a wide range of trucks and trailers available to transport your shipping containers on Maui. Of course, we can also provide boom truck cranes at both locations. Since the capacity of our most powerful cranes reaches 75 tons, we can help you lift virtually any shipping container.

If you need a certificate of insurance, we are ready to provide one on the same day we do the lifting. Our technicians are professional and experienced, so they are able to pick the right cranes and other equipment for any project. This means we won’t disrupt your plans by having to send another crane to your location and delaying the whole process. Our efficiency and professionalism will allow your projects to stay on track and within the limits of your budget.

Spas and BBQs

Have Your Spa or BBQ Lifted and Removed With Us

Lifting your spa or BBQ unit is not a problem for us, even if it needs to be lifted over a house. We will provide professional assistance for spa installation on Maui and surroundings, taking care of all lifting needs.

Our experienced staff members can work at all kinds of locations, whether they are private residences, construction sites, or commercial projects. We provide lifts for spas, hot tubs, BBQ grills and other heavy outdoor equipment items. Working at hotels, restaurants, golf courses, private homes and apartments is not a problem for us as our technicians are all professionals who rely on their skills and expertise to overcome any challenges presented by unusual locations.

We only have modern, high-performance cranes that are operated by experienced technicians to deliver the best performance and value to you. Our trucks and trailers are always available to organize safe, fast transportation of your spa or any other heavy outdoor equipment item to a new location. It goes without saying that we can also provide boom truck crane services at the new location.

Utility Machinery

We Can Lift Your Utility and Lights Equipment on Maui

Lifting light poles, street poles, electricity generators, switch boxes, and utility vaults is not a problem for Pacific Equipment. Using hydraulic cranes, our experienced crane operators provide assistance in installing, removing, and transporting heavy-duty utility equipment on Maui. What’s more, they are ready to start working at your location 24/7, allowing you to be very flexible with your construction projects. In addition to all kinds of poles and emergency generators, we can also lift heavy piping for you.

If you need the lifted objects transported to a different location, we are ready to help you with that too. This way, Pacific Equipment can take care of the whole installation and removal process, without you having to worry about organizing the efforts of multiple companies working on moving your heavy utility equipment.

Tree and Landscaping Lifts

We Offer Hourly Boom Truck Crane Rentals for All Your Landscaping Projects on Maui

You don’t have to dread lifting heavy rocks, decorative statues, and even trees over your house, as we at Pacific Equipment know how to help you with that. You can trust us to assist you at any landscaping project, whether it is just for your private home or a commercial organization anywhere on Maui. Our reliable hydraulic crane rental services can be extremely helpful if you need to plant, trim, or remove a large tree.

Whether you intend to be planting trees at a residential property, a hotel, or a golf course, we know how to realize your project quickly and efficiently. If your construction project requires getting a few trees out of your way, you can count on us for help. Pacific Equipment also has experience removing trees after storms and floods, as well as diseased trees and large trees that may fall down on your property or cause any damage otherwise. We can take care of tree planting and removal projects of any scale, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if you need a whole grove of trees planted!

In addition to trees, we can also perform lifts of decorative rocks, statues, and even fountains. If it weights under 15,000 pounds, we can lift it and transport it to a different location if required. If the transported object needs to be installed at the new location, we are happy to provide our boom truck crane rental services there. If you just need your trees trimmed, we will send a crane with a man-basket to your location to make the trimming safe and efficient for everyone involved.

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